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What is SourceFlow?

SourceFlow is a source code generation library for Java and .NET. It can be used to create source code files in C, C#, Java or Visual Basic. SourceFlow is distributed as a library to make it easy to include in your applications.

What does it provide?

The SourceFlow library contains classes for creating a model of the source code files to generate. Upon writing the source code files to disk it can then be formatted and indented according to a specified source code style class. The SourceFlow library does not contain any templates and allow the programmer the possibility to change any aspects of the generated source code.

Is it open source?

SourceFlow is free software released under the GNU LGPL license. This license guarantees access to the source code and permits free usage, but redistribution of any modified code must be made under the same license. Please read the GNU LGPL license for more information.

Recent News

SourceFlow at Savannah

24 April 2005 14:43

The SourceFlow project has now been approved for hosting at FSF:s Savannah site. This means that there is now a public issue tracker available for bug reporting. Soon the project mailing lists will also be created.

SourceFlow Web Site Launched

27 March 2005 17:07

The SourceFlow project has now been launched on its own web site. It has previously been a part of Grammatica but has now been placed in its own project along with a large number of library improvements.

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